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    Retro Style Stationery and Cosmetic Storage Case

    Product Meta Short Description Never Newer's Retro Style Stationery and Cosmetic Storage Case. It can be used to store assorted stationery, as well as cosmetic tools and brush. Portable design, and convenient to carry! Originally referred to as a booklet used to record all kinds of things. In the absence of invented words, humans often use rope tying methods to record numbers or events and express some meaning to convey information. As can be seen from the physical textures of primitive society paintings, rope patterns on pottery, and earthenware pendants made of clay, knot notes (counts) are one of the recording methods widely used by the original ancestors. There are many kinds of notepads, and the cover materials are often made of leather, imitation leather PU, leather, PP, fabric, and metal. The binding forms are: paperback notebooks, loose-leaf notebooks, ring-mounted notebooks, hardcover notebooks
    RM100.00 RM50.00
    RM100.00 RM50.00 Quickview